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Adhesive Tape Range

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Custom made adhesive tape products

At Convertex, our specially developed machinery allows us to fulfill any production requirement you may have.

We have few standard “off the shelf” products because our adhesive tape is custom made and manufactured to the  customer’s exact specifications, using materials from the world’s leading manufacturers – we’re not tied in to just one, as most distributors tend to be.

CAD drawing

Convertex - supplying the right tape products for the right job.

Double Sided Tapes

  • Double sided tissue tapes
  • Double sided transfer tapes
  • Double sided filmic tapes
  • Double sided foam tapes
  • Acrylic foam tapes
  • 3M VHB tapes
  • Hook and loop tapes

Single Sided Tapes

  • Copper foil tapes
  • Aluminium foil tapes
  • PVC foam tapes
  • Self adhesive flexible magnetic tapes
  • Waterproof cloth tapes
  • Single sided foam tapes
  • Self adhesive felt tapes

Electrical Tapes

  • Polyester tapes
  • Polyimide tapes
  • Glass cloth tapes
  • Thermal management tapes
  • 3M electrical tapes

Masking Tapes

  • Paper masking tapes
  • High temperature masking tapes
  • Fineline masking tapes
  • Automotive low bake oven tapes
  • 3M masking tapes