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Capabilities here at Convertex

Here at Convertex we have spent over 20 years building relationships with the leading manufacturers of technical adhesive tapes from around the world. In tandem with this, we are constantly investing in the latest innovative conversion machinery to ensure we remain at the very cutting edge of the technology. As a result, we are confident we can always offer our clients the best adhesive tape solution in terms of quality, service and of course price.

die cut adhesive tape

Convertex, The client’s needs come first.

lathe slitting machineWith our brand new lathe slitting machine, we can offer custom widths of almost any adhesive tape, from just a few mm up to 1,500mm wide. Accuracy is critical for a lot of our customers, and with this in mind, the machine can achieve a tolerance of +/-0.1mm, (depending on the material being processed).

adhesive tape die cutting machine
Die cutting adhesive tapes is the heart of Convertex’s business. We have a range of rotary die cutting machinery which are capable of producing bespoke shapes, sheets, and perforated rolls, all up to a maximum of 330mm wide. We can laminate different substrates together, strip wastes in line, and all to an accuracy of up to +/-0.15mm, dependent on the material and the shape involved.

Slitter rewinderWith this method of slitting we can take very large master rolls on either 3-inch or 6-inch cores and slit them into bespoke widths or lengths, (often very wide and extra-long). For this operation we will use razor blades, shear knives, or crush cutters, whatever the material, so as to achieve the best possible quality of cut.

CAD drawingHere at Convertex we have the ability to work with 2D drawings, supplied by our customers, or offer the option to design the part for the client from scratch. Once the drawing has been approved, it is often possible, (depending on the material), to cut sample parts for trials prior to ordering tooling.

In-house plotterUsing our in-house plotter, it is possible to produce samples or small production runs, straight from a drawing, without the cost of machine tooling. Material constraints apply here, specifically thin single sided materials can usually only be processed without issues.

Adhesive tape bobbin winderIf you need extremely long lengths of tape to reduce the down time on your machines, then Convertex can help here too. We are able to slit the tape to the required width, inline, then traverse wind onto 6-inch cores, ending up with a spool/bobbin often many 1,000s of metres in length.